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spearfishing suit VF-WS13

spearfishing suit » VF-WS13

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spearfishing suit

1.The wetsuit is made of 5mm neoprene SCR
2. GBS stitching for waterproof
3. Neck and cuffs with smooth skin

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5mm-Neoprene-surfing-2-pcs-wetsuits-for (4).jpg

 5mm-Neoprene-surfing-2-pcs-wetsuits-for (6).jpg5mm-Neoprene-surfing-2-pcs-wetsuits-for (7).jpg5mm-Neoprene-surfing-2-pcs-wetsuits-for (8).jpg5mm-Neoprene-surfing-2-pcs-wetsuits-for (12).jpg5mm-Neoprene-surfing-2-pcs-wetsuits-for (13).jpg

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